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Pattani is an east-coast province in the south, adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, with the area of approximately 1,940 square kilometres. There are two major rivers: Tani and Sai Buri. Being a civilized town in the past, the present Pattani still maintains some ruined ancient town in Amphoe Yarang. Due to its mountainous area and long seashore of about 170 kilometres, Pattani has been an important port and the centre of the administration, trading, and culture. There are several tourism resources of nature, historical ancient places, and traditional culture which have been the integration of Thai, Chinese and Islam.

Pattani is administratively divided into 12 Amphoe: Muang Pattani, Yarang, Nong Chik, Khok Pho, Yaring, Panare, Mayo, Sai Buri, Kapho, Mai Kaen, Thung Yang Daeng, and Mae Lan.

How To Get There

Pattani is about 1,055 kilometres from Bangkok. Visitors can use highway no.35 (Thon buri - Pak Tho) for about 90 kilometres, then turn left to highway no.4 to Chumphon for about 460 kilometres. After that, use highway no.41 or 42 pass Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla, Pak-nam Thepa to Pattani. The total distance is around 505 kilometres.


There are service of regular and air-conditioned buses of Transport Co., Ltd. The buses leave from the Southern Bus Terminal to Pattani every day.
For more details, call 0 2435 1119 and 0 2434 5557-8 or visit

From Hua Lamphong Station, there are both express and rapid trains to Pattani (Khok Pho) Station everyday. For more details, contact Service Unit at Tel:1690, 0 2223 7010 and 0 2223 7020.
From Pattani Station, buses and taxis are available between Khok Pho and Amphoe Muang which takes about 29 kilometres.

There is no direct flight to Pattani. Visitors need to travel to Hat Yai (Thai Airways International provided round-trip shuttle bus (Hat Yai-Pattani) twice daily free-of-charge for passengers who make the reservation in advance). Alternatively, visitors can use regular bus or taxi from Hat Yai to Pattani for about 104 kilometres and traveling time is approximately one hour and a half. Flight information can be requested at Tel: 1566, 0 2280 0060, 0 2628 2000 or at Pattani Office Tel: 0 7333 5938.

Distance from Amphoe Mueang to Other Districts

Nong Chik
Khok Pho
Sai Buri
Thung Yang Daeng
Mae Lan
Mai Kaen























Distance from Pattani to nearby provinces:









North: Songkhla
South: Narathiwat and Yala
West: Yala and Songkhla
East: Gulf of Thailand.

Amphoe Khok Pho
King Rama VII Pavilion

This Thai style pavilion was built for King Rama VII during his visit to watch the eclipse in 1929. It is about 26 kilometres from Pattani town on highway no. 42 in Khok Pho District Office.

Namtok Aran Warin

Situated at Mu 4, Tambon Tung Pala, this waterfall is accessible by using highway no.409 (Pattani - Yala), turn right at the junction to Wat Huai Ngo for 6 kilometres. The total distance from Pattani is about 30 kilometres. Namtok Aran Warin is in San Kala Khiri mountain range. There are 7 levels, where each level is about 300 - 500 metres apart.

Namtok Phong Phong

Being one of the tourist attractions in Namtok Sai Khao National Park, this waterfall is at Mu 8, Tambon Pak Lo. Accessibility to this site is by using highway no.42 (Pattani - Yala) and turn to highway no.409 to Ban Pak Lo, then turn right for another 5 kilometres. With seven levels, this waterfall has a big pond at the lowest level. The area near the waterfalls is shaded with many plants, suitable for relaxation.

Namtok Sai Khao National Park

Located in Tambon Sai Khao, covering the forest in Pattani, Yala, and Songkhla, with the total area of 68,750 Rai, this evergreen forest is full of various kinds of plants, and a variety of waterfalls. The most beautiful waterfalls is Sai Khao Waterfalls which can be reached on foot from the Parks Office along the creek. At the end, is the waterfall which is 40 metres high. The surroundings are evergreen forest. Visitors can swim in some natural ponds. Visitors can use highway no.409 (Pattani - Yala)for 28 kilometres to Na Pradu Junction, then turn to Napradu - Sai Khao route for about 7 kilometres. The Park also has bungalows available. For more details, visitors can contact the Forestry Department, Bang Khen, Bangkok, at Tel: 0 2570 5734, 0 2570 7223.

Wat Chang Hai Rat Buranaram

This monastery is at Ban Pa Rai, Tambon Tung Pala, close to the railway (Hat Yai - Sungai Kolok route) between Na Pradu and Pa Rai Stations. It is located about 31 kilometres from Pattani town. By car, visitors can use highway no.42 (Pattani - Khok Pho), pass Na Ket Junction, then use highway no.409 (Pattani-Yala), pass Na Pradu Municipality and Wat Chang Hai Training Centre and turn to Wat Chang Hai for another 700 metres.

This old monastery was built for more than 300 years, with the sculpture of Luang Pu Tuad, once an abbot of the temple. Also, the architecture of stupa, chedi, temple, and bell tower are magnificently beautiful. Luang Pu Thuat, Wat Chang Hai, being respected by people all over the country, Luang Pu Thuat was an educational monk It was told that he was able to turn sea water into fresh water. Died in Malaysia, his body was brought back to Wat Chang Hai. The annual festival to pay respect to his bone and ashes is in April. At Wat Chang Hai, visitors can pay respect during 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

Wat Chang Hai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre The centre displays and sells many southern handicrafts such as batik, imitated Kolae boat, handicrafts, mats, and ceramics.

:: Amphoe Mayo
Khao Ruesi

This is the mountain situated at Mu 2, Tambon Mayo, about 3 kilometres from Mayo town. The highlight of this mount is the natural rocky formation. Also, there are two ponds containing water which has been believed to be very holy and was used in the Coronation of many Kings. On this mount, is also the location of Wat Khao Ruesi Plaeng San which is worshipped by People in Pattani and nearby provinces.

:: Amphoe Mueang
Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Chinese Shrine or Leng Chu Kiang Shrine

The location of Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao sculpture and Chinese gods is on A No Ru road. On the day of the 3rd lunar month every year, there is the colorful procession carrying Chao Maes sculpture along several roads in town, walking on fire in front of the shrine, and swimming across the river near Dechanuchit Bridge. The city welcomes numerous worshippers every year.

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Graveyard

Situated at Ban Krue Se, Tambon Tanyong Lulo, Amphoe Mueang on highway no.42 (Pattani - Narathiwat route), near Krue Se Mosque. As per the story from the legend, Lim Ko Niao, a Chinese girl came to Siam by ship to look for Lim To Khiam, her elder brother who had got married with Pattani Governors daughter and had changed his religion to Islam. However, she was not successful. Therefore, she hung herself on the cashew nut tree. Her brother buried her at this place. The Pattani people built the shrine to commemorate her and carved the tree where she hung herself in the shape of her figure.

City Pillar Shrine

Situated in Sak Seni ground of Banchama Rachutit School, just opposite to the City Hall, on the left bak of Pattani River, the shrine was constructed on 13 April 1951 when Phraya Rattana Phakdi was the Governor. This site is mostly worshipped by the Pattani people and visitors.

Kallayaniwatthana Institute of Arts and Culture

Located in Songkhla Nakharin University, Pattani Campus, the institute is divided into two sections:

1. Phra Thepyanmoli Museum displays the history, activities, and utensils of Phra Thepyanmoli. Besides, there are Buddha images, ancient materials, and Chinese, European and Thai pottery, souvenir coins, and bank notes, etc.

2. Khatichon Witthaya Museum displays the stories, case studies of the Muslim household in the Southern border provinces, local utensils, local arts and displays, ancient utensil materials in pre-historic and the beginning of community periods, history of the ancient town of Yarang, pottery, local beliefs and technology.

This centre is open on Mondays - Fridays during 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. except public holidays, free of charge. For groups or in case of guide needed, can contact in advance at the Education Service Unit, Kallayani Wattana Institute of Arts and Culture, Songkhla Nakharin University, Pattani Campus, Amphoe Mueang, Pattani Province 94000, Tel: 0 7331 3930 -50 ext. 1472, 1473, 1476 and 0 7333 1250, Fax: 0 7333 1250.

Krue Se Mosque

This mosque is on highway no.42 (Pattani - Narathiwat route) at Ban Krue Se, and is about 7 kilometres from the Pattani town. At present, this ancient venue is near Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao Chinese Shrine. Both places had their legend of the relationship depending on the beliefs. This mosque has round pillars which is the middle-east arts style. The most important part is the domes roof which has never been finished. It has been assured that this mosque was built during the reign of King Naresuan the Great (1578 - 1593).

Pattani Central Mosque

Located on Yarang Road on Yarang - Pattani route in Pattani Mucipality, this is the most beautiful and largest mosques in Thailand. Built in 1954, the construction of this mosque took almost nine years. It is the centre for religious ceremonies to be performed by the Muslims in the South. The architecture is western, with similarity to the Taj Mahal of India. With the big dome in the centre, there are four surrounding small ones with two finerets. A big pond is in front of the mosque and inside is a large hall and two sided corridors.

Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Park

Located at Tambon Rusamilae, Amphoe Mueang, about one kilometre from town, this public park is on the left side of the Pattani River, next to the Songkhla Nakharin University. The Park is decorated with many flowers, and a very beautiful landscape.

:: Amphoe Panare
Hat Chalalai

Situated about two kilometres far from District Hall on Pattani - Narathiwat route, the beach is highlighted by a large pond near the pine line, which is shaded for relaxation.

Hat Khae Khae

Situated 43 kilometres from Pattani. Khae Khae is a local Malay word (Yawee) which means loud noise. The beach is in Tambon Nam Bo and is 2 kilometres from Hat Ratcharak. With its large granite rocks along the coast, the beach looks quite different from the others and is naturally reputed as the most beautiful beaches in Panare.

Hat Ma Ruat

Located next to Chalalai Beach for about 2 kilometres, this beach is characterized by the amazing site of the aggregated small rock mountains overlapping each other. Visitors can use the long walkway to the top of the mountain.

Hat Panare

Situated about three kilometres from Panare town on the same route to Talo-kapo Beach, there are many households of fishermen, Kolae and boats along the beach.

Hat Ratcharak

This beach is extended from Chalalai, Maruad, and Khae Khae Beaches. It is only one kiometre from Hat Maruad and is two kilometres before approaching Hat Khae Khae. Visitors can use the same route to Chalalai and Maruad Beaches. The large beach surrounded by rocks and hills is the most striking site for view watching.

Palas Market

Being approximately 30 kilometres from Pattani by highway no.42, the market can be visited in the morning of every Wednesday and Sunday. Also, this venue reflects the real rural lifestyle of the southern Thai Muslims whereby shoppers are clad in their local costumes and colorful batik head bands.

:: Amphoe Sai Buri
Ban Paseyawo

This is a well-known venue for Kolae Boat making. This kind of boat is for the fishermen in Pattani and Narathiwat. The highlighting characteristics of the Kolae is the narrowing head and tail, with unique color. Besides the real Kolae for fishery, there are also imitations made for souvenirs. The making of Kolae by the local people here has been accepted by its neatness which integrates arts between Thai and Muslims. Otherwise, Ban Paseyawo is also reputed as best in producing tasteful Budu southern sauce.

Hat Wasukri

The beach is about 52 kilometres from Pattani and about 2 kilometres from Sai Buri. It is in Patatimo Village, TambonTaluban. Visitors can use the Pattani-Narathiwat route or use the route passing Hat Khae Khae to Sai Buri, or directly turn left at the junction to Sai Buri. The beach is parallel to the pine line. Bungalows are also available for service.

:: Amphoe Yarang
Wat Mutcharinthawapiwihan

Located about 10 kilometres on the route Pattani - Khok Pho in Nong Chik, this ancient Wat was built in 1845 on the same occasion of moving the Nong Chik District Office to Tambon Tuyong. It was formally called Wat Tuyong, and was changed to Wat Mutjarintawapiwihan on the state visit of King Rama V to Nong Chik. At present, its temple is still beautiful. With the sculptures of the past 3 abbots, especially Phra Ratchaphuttharangsi, the 5th abbot.

Yarang Ancient Town

The city was one of the oldest communities in the history of the southern part of Thailand. It is believed that it was the location of the ancient kingdom of Lanka Suka which had its boundary covering the area of Songkhla, Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat of Thailand, Kalantan and Tarang Kanu of Malaysia according to the documents of China, Java, Malayia, and Arab. It was a port with long wide trading history with the foreigners since B.E.12. The structure of the ancient town was the large oval shape in the area of 9 square kilometres. There are three connecting towns as the followings:

Ban Wat Ancient With a square in the centre of town, and is surrounded by moats, the town has more than 25 scattered and ruined ancient hills in the western and northern area.

Ban Cha-le Ancient Town With a pond in the centre of town and is surrounded by square-shape moats, this town is only one kilometre north of Ban Wat Ancient Town. The most important ancient monument is the ruined religious venue made of bricks, with large square base. Due to the discovery of several ancient materials in the area, there is proof that this venue must have been the Buddhist community.

Ban Prawae Ancient Town It is a small rectangular town with 4 forts in the corners. Also, there were canals connecting with Ban Ja-le in the north.

Moreover, there are at least 30 areas of ruined ancient hills. Visitors can use Sirorot Road (highway no.410) from Pattani to Yala for another 15 kilometres, turn left to highway 4061 (Yarang- Mayo) for 1.2 kilometres to Ancient town area. Then turn left to the north for 400 metres to Ban Ja-le Ancient Town.

Visitors in group can contact the Head of the Ancient Yarang Town Exploring Project on the official days and working hours at Tel: 0 7343 9093.

:: Amphoe Yaring
Dato Mosque

Located at Mu 4, Ban Dato, Tambon Laem Pho, it is about ten kilometres from Yaring District Hall on the same route to Talo-kapo Beach. This old Mosque is surrounded by Islamic community and graveyard, and has been renovated and is still used for religious ceremony.

Hat Talo-kapo Beach

This beach is about 18 kilometres from Pattani town. The way to get to the beach is to go along highway no.42 (Pattani - Narathiwat route, turn left at Amphoe Yaring, cross Yamu canal and pass the forest area and villages. With its long white sand, line of pines and coconut trees, this beach is one of the most popular ones in Pattani. There are many Kolae boats with their unique colorful characteristics of the southern fishermen. This beach is extended due to the current of sea move sand in. This venue is most suitable for relaxation and view watching.

Laem Ta Chi or Laem Pho

This is another white-sand beach extended from Talo-kapo Beach. It has been the accumulation of sand spit into the Gulf of Thailand on the north. At the end of the beach is an open area with wider view, best for sight-seeing. There are two routes to Laem Ta Chi: by boat from the mouth of Pattani River to Laem Ta Chi which will take about more than an hour, or from the pier in Yaring, go along Yamu Canal, out of sea, to Laem Ta Chi. The most preferable way is by car, from Yaring, cross Yamu Canal for about 10 kilometre to the tip of Laem Ta Chi.

Yaring Natural Study Centre

Located near Yamu Canal, opposite to Yaring District Hall, the centre is in Yaring National Forest, with the area of 500 Rai. There is a 1,250 metre wooden bridge as the walkway for natural study of the forest. Along the natural trail, there are several species of plants, rest area and a bird-watching tower with the height of 13 metres.

Besides, there are delightful boat trips for visitors of nature lovers. There are 3 canals: Bang Pu, Klang, and Kolae. Along both banks, visitors can experience the fertility of water animals, birds, local lifestyles. For more details, contact Pattani Forest Regional Office at Tel: 0 7334 9146 ext.4146.

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